By George! A View From Behind The Lens

This week's 10 plus 1 feature puts veteran CBS cameraman George Christian in the spotlight, a position unfamiliar to someone who has spent his career on the other side of the lens. But what a career is has been.

If you've ever wanted to ask a question of someone who was the network pool cameraman on Air Force One on 9/11 or was one of two individuals in the Oval Office the night President Nixon resigned or covered Gorbachev during Tianamen Square, well, here's your chance. Those who work behind the scenes have some of the most unique and interesting experiences of anyone in the business, and some of the most distinct views.

You know the drill by now, we ask 10 questions of our weekly subject, then throw open the floor for your submissions. We'll sort through them and pick one for George to answer, so put on your thinking caps and send us your questions.