Buzz about what new iPad doesn't have

(CBS News) -- Apple's new head says the stunning success of the iPad has surprised just about everyone.

On Wednesday, the computer giant revealed a brand-new iPad.

It's making headlines for what it doesn't have.

When Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage the crowd was waiting to hear what name had been chosen for the new device. Turns out it's just "new iPad."

Cook called it "amazing."

But a new name isn't the only thing Apple seems to have left out.

Apple announces new iPad: better display, no new name

The new iPad doesn't include Siri, the voice recognition software with attitude that's so popular on the latest iPhone.

But the new iPad does take dictation.

There was no mention of Apple's late cofounder Steve Jobs, but Cook did seem to take inspiration from Jobs, says Forrester Research analyst Sarah Rotman Epps. "Tim Cook," she observed, "adopted, interestingly enough, some of Steve's tone, some of the snarkiness, some of the digs at competition."

One thing Apple didn't leave out was its usual determination to dominate the market. One way of trying to do that is by keeping its current model, iPad 2, for sale, but cutting the price by $100, to $399. The new iPad starts at $499.

Although there may be some things missing, the improvements, including a much sharper display, a 5 megapixel camera and a faster processor, are certain to bring in buyers. Apple says movies and video will play at higher definition than on most flat screen TVs.

For tablet makers, says Rotman Epps, "The bar has been raised."

In two years, Apple has sold more than 55 million iPads. And, even without a new name it seems set to keep thriving.

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