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Buy On-Board Meals?

New dishes by high profile restaurants and chefs across the country are now replacing complimentary airline meals. But, will passengers mind forking over money for appetizing food?

On Monday, Dana Dickey, senior editor for Conde Nast Traveler magazine, gives The Early Show team a taste of what we can expect on our next flight. On-board meals are already being sold on a number of test flights by almost every major airline.


Restaurant Partner: Chef Michel Nischan, previously of W Hotels and Heartbeat Restaurant on New York, was named executive food consultant for Delta Song's on-board food program. Chef Michel uses farm fresh organic ingredients to change the way we eat on planes, while at the same time supporting farmers nationwide by using farm direct products. Food available on all flights (flights between the Northeast and key Florida destinations).

  • Meal: Kumai Harvest Rock'n Roll Vegetable Sushi
  • Description: Roast sweet potato, daikon and asparagus maki rolls served with chilled sake.
  • Cost: $7

United Airlines

Restaurant Partner: T.G.I. Friday's, one of the first American casual dining chains owned by Carlson Restaurants Worldwide Inc. Their meals are currently being tested in coach class on select United Airlines domestic flights. Prepared by LSG/Sky Chefs.

  • Meal: Tomato Pesto Chicken Sandwich
  • Description: Roasted chicken breast on a ciabatta roll, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, with a zesty tomato-pesto mayonnaise. Sandwich is accompanied by a crispy Caesar salad with crunchy lemon pepper croutons and dressing on the side. The meal is topped off with decadent cookies and cream dessert bar and an individual size bottle of spring water.
  • Cost: $10

Northwest Airlines

Restaurant Partner: D'Amico & Sons is a Minneapolis-based chain of European-style deli and boutiques offering gourmet salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and pastas. Meals are currently being tested in coach class on select domestic Northwest Airlines flights. Prepared by LSG/Sky Chefs.

  • Meal: Balsamic Chicken and Strawberry Salad
  • Description: Roasted chicken on mixed, fresh greens, strawberries and balsamic vinaigrette dressing on the side. The salad is accompanied by Asiago flat bread, tasty sugar cookies and a bottle of spring water.
  • Cost: $10

Midwest Airlines

Restaurant Partner: LSG Sky Chef, the world's largest provider of in-flight catering, produces more than 364 million meals a year for 260 airlines. Prepared by LSG/Sky Chefs.

  • Meal: Grilled Vegetable Wrap
  • Description: Seasoned vegetables wrapped in pita bread. Served with a spring salad with la flora dressing on the side and a sweet plum for dessert.
  • Cost: $10

U.S. Airways

Restaurant Partner: Einstein Bros. is the largest of six independent brands operated by New World Restaurant Group, Inc. New World if the leading company in the quick-casual dining industry. Beginning July 1, Einstein Bros meals will be offered in coach-class on most domestic US Airways flights of 700 miles or more. Prepared by LSG/Sky Chefs.

  • Meal: Club Mex Turkey Sandwich
  • Description: Fresh turkey on Challah bread with fresh lettuce, tomato and ancho chile lime mayonnaise. Sandwich is served with a tomato, mozzarella and artichoke salad, chips, a decadent chocolate truffle cookie and an individual sized bottle of spring water.
  • Cost: $10

Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck

Restaurant Partner: Award-winning Master Chef Wolfgang Puck, known for popularizing contemporary California cuisine, is chef and owner of Spago, Chinois, Granita, Postrio, Trattoria del Lupo, Vert, Wolfgang Puck Cafe, and Wolfgang Puck Express. Currently, no airline partner. Prepared by LSG/Sky Chefs.

  • Meal: Chinois Chicken Salad
  • Description: Baked chicken mixed with fresh greens, Chinese mustard honey vinaigrette and crispy wonton strips. Served with Focaccia bread, Wolfgang Puck's fudge brownie and an individual size bottle of spring water.
  • Cost: $10
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