Butter sculptures: A family affair at the local fair

Parents and kids are learning that, when it comes to art, butter isn't just for spreading on bread.

Yes that's right: Good, old-fashioned butter can make masterpieces.

And while the creative medium may not be cholesterol-free, it draws thousands of visitors each year across the country to local fairs, including the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, Ohio.

Photos: Butter sculptures that will make you melt
Video: Butter sculptures at the Ohio State Fair

In celebration of the dairy product, each year there's a cow and calf made of butter. But this year, the adorable butter sculptures have some company. The American Dairy Association has added a space shuttle and astronaut in honor of the shuttle program's 30-year legacy.

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How long did the exhibit take to make -- as long as it takes to go to the moon and back? Nope, but it did take a while: 475 hours, with 1,550 pounds of butter, about 6,200 sticks to make.

The 158th Ohio State Fair is open until Aug. 7