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Busy Philipps on "Cougar Town," "Dawson's Creek" reunion

Busy Philipps talks acting, motherhood 06:18

Busy Philipps is fully ready for summer.

The 34-year-old actress, who welcomed her first daughter Birdie in 2008, gave birth to a second daughter Cricket in 2013. So, she's planning to spend the summer months with her girls -- and in the sun. It's part of the reason she teamed with Banana Boat to help launch its "Best Summer Ever" initiative -- and why she's reminding parents and kids alike to lather up with sunscreen.

The 34-year-old actress recently stopped by CBS News to chat about the upcoming final season of TBS' "Cougar Town," motherhood and buzz over a "Dawson's Creek" reunion.

Check out what she had to say below and in the video above.

On finding out her character on "Cougar Town" is pregnant at end of season 5: "Since I, Busy Philipps, was just pregnant in real life -- IRL the kids say -- I was a little bummed because I just spent half of season 4 hiding my pregnancy and then all of season 5 losing my baby weight on camera. I had to go back five weeks after giving birth and I'm not Gisele [Bundchen]!"

On her career trajectory: "I feel like 'Freaks and Geeks' was my high school. 'Dawson's Creek' was my college years and then 'ER' was like grad school and now I'm a silly grown-up on 'Cougar Town.'...I guess the twist of the show is that Laurie ended up being the only cougar on the show because she's now dating Travis -- having a baby with Travis -- who's so much younger than she is."

On buzz about a "Dawson's Creek" reunion: "If there is, no one has spoken to me about it. And Michelle [Williams] and I very close friends and no one has spoken to her either, although her character did -- spoiler alert -- die. So, I don't know how she would come back...Why, why why would we want that? I don't want that...I think the ending was so great."

On naming her second child Cricket: "When you give birth you watch a lot of television in those first early weeks because you're not doing anything. You're not leaving anything. You're not leaving the house. You're just stuck next to a sleeping infant that needs to eat every two hours. So I saw all the things on all the news programs...where people would talk about my kids' names and I need to be honest with you -- they're both actual names...We think they're sweet names. And to be honest Cricket was not on our list. We had a list of names that we thought she was going to be and she came out and I looked at her and my husband said, 'Which one is it?' And I said, 'It's neither one. I don't know. We have to come up with a new name.'...It actually got to the point where Cedars called us at home and said, 'You have to come back and name this baby -- bring in the certificate. We have to submit it.'"

On motherhood: "I'm always outside with my kids. I like to be creative. I work a lot when I'm shooting my show but when I'm not it's full-on mom-time. And I try to make things fun and interesting for my kids especially the 5 year old. Obviously the baby's just along for the ride at this point."

On beauty tips: "The very first thing -- you have to protect your skin from the sun and then on top of that moisturizing and then on top of that drinking water. Hydration is key for good skin. I drink so much water. I have a huge reusable water thing -- and I'm constantly refilling water throughout the day. My husband [screenwriter Marc Silverstein] made fun of me when we first got married...He's like, 'I cannot find one more giant cup of water sitting around this house.' Because I would just place them everywhere so he bought me a huge reusable jug so now I just use that."

On her sunscreen regiment: "I grew up in Arizona so I feel like the awareness off sun safety was a little bit higher just simply because of where we lived and it's sunny 90 percent of the year. And also I was blessed with all these birthmarks and freckles."

On summer and upcoming plans: "I feel really lucky. I have the best job in the world. We don't go back to shooting 'til right after Labor Day. So, I'm a full mom all summer long. We're going to the beach. We have a couple of vacations planned. I shot this little indie movie with my friend Jason Nash who's a comedian and it's called 'Jason Nash is Married.' And it's coming out June 24 on VOD -- the day before my birthday...It's a little sweet movie that he wrote and we star in -- and there's a ton of hilarious comedians that are in it as well."

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