Bush Presses UN To Act On North Korea

generic US flag north korea atomic nuclear missiles missile
President Bush urged the U.N. Security Council to pass a resolution Saturday that would clamp nonmilitary sanctions on North Korea for the nuclear test it claims to have conducted earlier this week.

"By passing such a resolution, we will send a clear message to the North Korean regime that its actions will not be tolerated," Mr. Bush said Saturday in his weekly radio address.

Uncertainty remains about whether North Korea actually detonated a nuclear device. So far, no trace of radioactive material has been found in air samplings conducted by the United States, China and Japan.

Either way, Mr. Bush called the underground explosion a threat to international peace and stability. He is dispatching Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to China, South Korea and Japan next week to assess the security situation in the region.

"With its actions this week, the North Korean regime has once again broken its word, provoked an international crisis and denied its people the opportunity for a better life," Mr. Bush said. "We are working for a resolution to this crisis."

Critics of Mr. Bush's foreign policy say the apparent nuclear test is evidence that the administration's approach to North Korea has failed. Democrats say that since Mr. Bush became president, both North Korea and Iran have bolstered their nuclear weapons capabilities.