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Bush "Miss Me Yet?" Billboard Appears Near Highway

Updated 11:24 a.m. Eastern

(Bob Collins/Minnesota Public Radio)
If you drive along I-35 in Wyoming, Minnesota, you might see a billboard with a picture of George W. Bush and the words, "Miss Me Yet?"

Bob Collins of Minnesota Public Radio says that the billboard is real, not Photoshopped, and he has been trying to chase down who is behind it.

As of Tuesday morning, no luck. While many may miss President Bush, he seems to be enjoying his life outside of the spotlight, where he doesn't have to deal with load on the shoulders of the current president.

Update 3:00 p.m. ET: Bob Collins has an update today on the mystery surrounding who paid for the sign. According to Mary Teske, the general manager of Schubert & Hoey Outdoor Advertising, the sign was bought by "a group of small business owners who feel like Washington is against them." She added that they wish to remain anonymous.

Daniel Farber is editor-in-chief of

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