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Bush Family Celebrates Easter

The president and his family celebrated Easter by attending an outdoor sunrise service at a church near their texas ranch, reports CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller. Mr. Bush was joined by the first lady and daughter Jenna. also along for the hour long worship service were the president's father and mother — the former president and first lady — and his brother Marvin and his family.

More than 3,000 people turned out at Washington's National Cathedral for the Easter service, reports Neal Augenstein of CBS affiliate WTOP-AM.

About 150 people sat on folding chairs at Canaan Baptist Church in Crawford, on a slight bluff overlooking central Texas pastures. The site was bordered on one side by a field ablaze with wildflowers, on another by a cemetery.

In his radio address this weekend, Mr. Bush spoke of the importance of "the love of family," saying "they know us and accept us as we are."

The president twice was the subject of remarks during the service.

A member of the congregation, Jerry Gauer, led a prayer for the nation.

"We pray for President Bush, his staff and the leaders of our nation as they seek at various times wisdom and guidance from you," Gauer said.

"We also celebrate this morning, Lord, the fine young men and women who are home this morning in America celebrating Easter with their families and not in China," he said. "We want to thank President Bush and his staff for all these negotiations."

The Bush family, sitting front and center, listened quietly during the prayer.

The minister, Brother Michael Taylor, urged his congregation to exhibit determination in their faith. To make his point, he used a curious metaphor involving the cattle on Bush's ranch.

"I know Mr. Bush knows when an old bull's got his harem of cows in his own pasture and then the neighbor's got a harem of cows, and may not have a bull ... sometimes that old bull is just all bent up," Taylor said.

"He's going through that fence, he doesn't care how much barbed wire is there," Taylor said. He called on his congregation to be "bent toward God."

It was not possible to judge Bush's response; his back was to reporters.

Taylor devoted the rest of his sermon to the story of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection.

"Jesus Christ gave it all for us, and my friends, all He asks is that we give it all to Him," Taylor said.

"Jesus Christ rose from the grave because He loved us," he said.

Bush arrived at the church at 7 a.m., just after the first blush of sunrise. His limousine was parked on the church's lawn. During the service, Secret Service agents hovered on the fringes of the congregation.

After spending a long holiday weekend at his ranch, Bush was returning to Washington on Sunday night. Monday, he was to preside over the White House Easter egg roll.

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