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Bush Deemed Fit For Duty

President Bush was pronounced "fit for duty" after an annual checkup Saturday that showed that the 59-year-old commander in chief, an avid mountain bike rider, has lost 8 pounds since his last physical exam in December.

"I'm feeling pretty good," Bush said as he left the National Naval Medical Center in suburban Washington.

In December, Bush weighed 199.6 pounds, 6 pounds more than in the summer of 2003, a gain he attributed to munching too many doughnuts during his re-election campaign.

On Saturday, the scale showed the nearly 6-foot Bush at 191.6 pounds.

A statement signed by doctors who participated in the three-hour exam said the president was in good health and that there is "every reasonable expectation that he will remain fit for duty for the duration of his presidency."

His body fat percentage decreased to 15.79 from 18.25 percent.

A four-page medical summary issued by the White House said Bush remains in the "superior" fitness category for a man of his age.

The president's medical profile shows a a low to very low risk of coronary artery disease. His resting pulse rate dropped to 47 beats per minute from 52. Well-trained athletes typically have resting pulse rate of between 40 and 60 beats per minutes.

The statement from nine doctors indicated that Bush has skin lesions consistent with sun damage and recommended the president wear sun screen and hats. A noncancerous skin growth on his neck was treated with liquid nitrogen.

During the fifth physical of his presidency, Bush had a treadmill test for more than 26 minutes and achieved a heart rate of 183 beats per minute. No signs or symptoms of cardiovascular problems were noted.

After his exam, Bush met with 15 Marines wounded in Iraq and awarded seven Purple Hearts. He told reporters it was "a remarkable experience to meet with these incredibly courageous souls."