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Bush Congratulates Obama, But Not Over The Phone

President George W. Bush is offering his congratulations to Barack Obama on clinching the Democratic nomination, reports CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller.

Press Secretary Dana Perino said this morning that Mr. Bush knows from experience how grueling a primary campaign can be.

"Senator Obama came a long way in becoming his party's nominee," she said. "And his historic achievement reflects the fact that our country has come along way, too."

She also said Mr. Bush wants to congratulate Hillary Clinton on her spirited campaign, one that made history as well.

Bush did not place a call to either Clinton or Obama, and Perino said she did not think he would. She suggesting such a call would be unusual, adding that she didn't believe then-president Bill Clinton called Mr. Bush when the latter won the GOP nomination in 2000.

The Associated Press reports that Secretary of State Condolezza Rice also congratulated Obama.

"The United States of America is an extraordinary country," she said. "It is a country that has overcome many, many, now years, decades, actually a couple of centuries of trying to make good on its principles. And I think what we are seeing is an extraordinary expression of the fact that 'We the people' is beginning to mean all of us."

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