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Bush Bids Goodbye To World Leaders

President Bush this morning spoke to a number of world leaders with whom he has worked during his two terms.

According to the White House, Mr. Bush spoke to Prime Minister Putin and President Medvedev of Russia; President Peres of Israel; Prime Minister Berlusconi of Italy; Prime Minister Brown of the United Kingdom; Former President Fox of Mexico; President Lula da Silva of Brazil; Prime Minister Aso of Japan; President Lee of South Korea; President Saakashvili of Georgia; and Prime Minister Rasmussen of Denmark.

Spokesman Gordon Johndroe said that in all the calls the leaders thanked Mr. Bush for his work, cooperation, and friendship. He said the president thanked the leaders for their hospitality and said how much he enjoyed working with them.

Mr. Bush is planning to make more calls as the day goes on.

UPDATE: President Bush has now also spoken to President Sarkozy of France and Chancellor Merkel of Germany.

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