Bus driver finds $ he called the cops?

A bus driver found euros in a sum exceeding $500,000 in U.S. money; he had a decision to make
(CBS/AP) VIENNA - You just found more than half-a-million dollars on the bus you drive.

Now what?

Officials say that's what happened to a city bus driver in Vienna who opened a bag left behind by a passenger and discovered euro390,000 - the equivalent of more than $500,000 in neatly stacked bills.

Here comes the scene for the "Lincoln" sequel.

Transit authority spokeswoman Anna-Maria Reich says the impossibly honest driver handed the stash to police, who then tracked down the owner, an unidentified elderly woman.

Weeks later, the impossibly honest driver has only been rewarded with a feeling of extreme satisfaction.

The owner of the misplaced fortune has not contacted him to offer even a thank you, much less a reward.