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Burglar arms self with fork and spoon, homeowner has an answer

New Orleans police say a burglar who grabbed a fork and spoon was chased away by a homeowner brandishing a kitchen stool AP Graphics

(CBS/AP) NEW ORLEANS - Police say a burglar attacked a New Orleans homeowner with a fork and spoon, and the woman chased him away with a small stool.

Detective Brandon Singleton said Tuesday that the woman heard a loud noise shortly before 11 p.m. Monday and saw a man in her bedroom. He says that as she chased him through her kitchen, the intruder armed himself with silverware and began stabbing. The woman grabbed the stool and chased him out the back door.

The suspect, later identified as 23-year-old Charles Taylor, got away on the woman's bicycle, but police say officers in the area arrested him soony after the woman called. Taylor was booked with aggravated burglary.

Time to go back and check the silverware drawer.

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