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Bure Tells Canucks 'Trade Me Now!'

Pavel Bure has played his last game for the Vancouver Canucks and has demanded to be traded.

"Pavel has told (Canucks general manager) Brian Burke he will never play for the team again," Bure's agent, Mike Gillis, told the Vancouver Province. "We've had discussions about this for about a year now and we haven't made a statement publicly out of courtesy to the team."

"We felt in fairness we needed to wait for the new general manager to be appointed, then we sat down face-to-face with Brian and told him our plans in order to give him time to consider his options and be in a position to react."

Bure has wanted out of Vancouver for at least two seasons and for the first time Gillis has chosen to reveal some of the reasons why.

"We'd like to make it clear it is not the fans," Gillis said. "For the most part they have treated him with respect and have been very gracious. It's like a marriage gone bad. A number of things have built up over the years."

Reportedly, the reasons include Bure wanting to be on a contender, his having had differences with coach Mike Keenan, Bure being accused of being selfish and a malingerer, and his battles over considerations guaranteed in his contract.

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