Bunny Boom Bothers California Town

sandra hughes, bunnies
A swampy pond might not look like a spring break hot spot, but it is to a rabbit — and cute bunnies are everywhere lounging in the sun, sampling the local cuisine, and hip-hopping all over the place.

The origins of the big bunny population in Garden Grove, Calif., is still a bit of a mystery, but officials believe it started with just a few abandoned pets, CBS News correspondent Sandra Hughes reports.

"It doesn't take a lot of rabbits to make a lot more rabbits," says Bill Hisey with the Orange County Public Works Department.

They've taken over a county-owned reservoir and burrowed under the foundation of the strip mall next door. If it keeps up, "the foundation will end up cracking and end up failing," Hisey says.

They're also multiplying like, well, rabbits at the Walton Intermediate School. A few months ago, when the staff would come in in the morning, the entire campus would be overrun with rabbits.

School officials now worry kids could hurt themselves by stepping into a rabbit hole. And all that poop, they say, is a health hazard. That's why the county says the rabbits have to go.

"At some point we do have to say that's the end of it," Hisey says.

An Adopt-A-Bunny campaign is now under way.

"We've had hundreds of e-mails, hundreds of phone calls, from people that are interested in helping us," says Caroline Charland of the Bunny Bunch.

You can even pick your new pet online. But you'd better hop to it: What's "hare" today may be gone tomorrow.