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Bundchen, Brady To Be New "Power Couple"

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and superstar New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady have gotten engaged, according to a story in People magazine.

And once they get married, they'll vault toward the top of Forbes magazine's list of celebrity "power couples." Read that -- top earners.

To see the latest Forbes list of such couples, compiled before the Bundchen/Brady reported engagement, click here.

On The Early Show Tuesday, Forbes Senior Editor Matthew Miller told co-anchor Harry Smith, "They were doing fine as singles, but Gisele out-earns Tom about four-ton-one. She makes about $35 million a year. Tom Brady made last year about $9 million in salary and endorsements. Put it together, they're worth about $45 million a year in income. And that would make them in the top five earning couples in terms of celebrities around the country."

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Smith observed that he thinks, "People will find it interesting that she makes so much more money than he does."

"She has these lucrative, long-term contracts in terms of her Victoria's Secret deals and her other modeling contracts," Miller replied, "and he's a football player. And as a football player, you don't get as many long-term endorsement deals."

"Remember," Milelr added, "(Brady has) a six-year, $60 million with the Patriots, but the way it's paid out, last year he only brought $6 million home and about $3 million from endorsements."

"They are just eking by somehow!" Smith joked.

Miller and Smith then discussed some of the other couples on the Forbes list.

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