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Bumblebee high-fives a happily buzzed man

(CBS News) It's Wednesday. And what way to better celebrate "hump day" (full disclosure: I loathe that term), than to watch a bee high-fiving a very drunken Englishman? We've posted a lot of animal antics on The Feed, but very rarely do insects pop up in the mix. Unless they are making a man's day by clapping their little bug hands with said man -- what do you call insect hands? Sticks? Claws? Who knows? Regardless, the video posted above by rexclusivenews1 is sure to make you chuckle.

How awesome is this guy, yelling, "Hello, bee!?" I love him. But what's most impressive about this little insect-man exchange is that neither were hurt in the process. The drunk dude didn't get stung, and the bee didn't get squished. Bravo to both. Though however adorable this little bumblebee may seem, I do not recommend trying this at home. Bumblebees are better left to their own devices, hovering around flowers. With that said, I do recommend grabbing a pint to cheers this Englishman for hump day (durt, I said it again!).

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