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Bully of Suicide Teen Being Threatened

Funeral services were to be held Thursday for a Texas teenager who committed suicide, apparently after being bullied by classmates.

Jon Carmichael, 13, of Joshua, took his own life Sunday, reports CBS News Correspondent Don Teague.

The eighth-grader had apparently been teased and bullied because of his small size, Teague says.

Classmate Chris Montelongo admits he picked on Carmichael, but insists he wasn't alone. "I wasn't the only one," Montelongo says. "I can guarantee you it was most of the school who messed with Jon."

Montelongo adds that, despite the teasing, he considered Carmichael a friend. "At times," he says, "I did bully him. But it was just both of us just messing around. I never did it because I hated him."

Now, Montelongo says other kids are blaming him for Carmichael's death.

And his mother, Leticia Montelongo, says she worries about his safety, and picks him up from school because "he's been threatened."

Chris Montelongo voiced his regrets, saying, "The things I have done to him, I just wish I could take it back -- but now that he's gone, I can't do anything about it."

Teachers and students in the school district had already undergone anti-bullying training after a similar suicide last year.

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