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Bulls escape slaughterhouse, run on Baltimore streets

BALTIMORE -- Two bulls wreaked havoc in West Baltimore early Friday morning after breaking loose from their enclosure, CBS station WJZ-TV reports.

The animals escaped from a slaughterhouse and were later spotted at the Penn Square apartment complex across the street. They spent most of their time there grazing on the grass.

Slaughterhouse workers, police and helpers from the Maryland Zoo were able to contain them in a gated area there and eventually got them loaded into an animal transport vehicle.

"[The bulls] ended up on a path back there, where it's like playground behind the apartment complex, and they were able to get some fences over there to fence them in," Baltimore Police spokesman T.J. Smith said.

Police cordoned off an area because the fences weren't secure, Smith said.

"This could have been a serious situation because they were running down the streets of Baltimore at one point," Smith said. "But luckily we were able to get them cordoned off. Officers did a great job getting the people back, and the slaughterhouse who had custody of these bulls were able to get them contained after a couple hours."

No one was hurt, he said.

"It's been a strange week," Smith said. "I mean, we have people chasing Pokemon in cars and we have bulls running down the streets of Baltimore."

This wasn't the first time that a bull has escaped in the city. It also happened in 2014. In that incident, the bull was shot and killed by city police.

"Hopefully this is it for 'Running of the Bulls: Baltimore Edition,'" Smith said.

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