Bullied teen, Alye Pollack, quietly fights back

Alye Pollack in her YouTube video, Words are worse than Sticks and Stones.

(CBS) Without saying a word, 13-year-old Alye Pollack is making a big statement. Recently, the 8th grader posted a haunting YouTube video urging bullies to think about the impact of hurtful words.

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In the video, Pollack - who holds up signs telling her story as music plays - says she's been bullied for years and says thinking before speaking can save lives.

Her mother Audra Pollack recently spoke to the Connecticut newspaper WestportNow, saying, "I'm very proud of her. Some of it was for dramatic effect, but it was valid."

According to the paper, the video has received notice as far away as Texas, Italy and Australia. The video currently has more than 12,000 views and nearly 400 comments.

Among those comments, one parent wrote, "Alye, I know it's hard, hang in there. I'm happy you spoke out. I work in a high school and yes bullying is a real problem. My son also gets bullied. I know your video will help a lot of others to speak up about this. In the morning, I will be showing it to him. He is in high school."

As for Alye, her mother says they're trying to figure out what to do next.

Her school has been notified of the bullying. The Bedford Middle School principal has said the 8th graders have recently met with school officials and been reminded of internet safety and the consequences of cyber-bullying. The school urges parents to have discussions with their kids about cyber-bullying.

Since the video was posted, Audra said her daughter has been cyber-bullied. Audra told the local paper Alye's school can only do so much, particularly because a lot of the bullying happens after school - particularly online.

Audra said, "The same parents who keep saying. 'It's not my kid,' should watch what's being posted."

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