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Bulimia: 12 Secret Signs Someone Has It (PICTURES)

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(CBS) Eat too much?

Just about everyone overeats once in a while. But when bulimia is in the picture, overeating isn't a sometime thing.The young women who suffer from the binge-and-purge eating disorder scarf down huge quantities of food several times a day - and then gag themselves to vomit away all the unwanted calories.

PICTURES: Is She Bulimic? 12 Secret Signs

Help is available for bulimics. Psychotherapy, support groups, and antidepressant medication are all of proven effectiveness against bulimia. Sadly, bulimics tend to be so ashamed of their odd and potentially deadly behavior that they do everything they can to conceal it.

But even the sneakiest bulimic has trouble concealing all her tracks, says Dr. Sharon Chirban, a Harvard psychologist who specializes in eating disorders.

If you're worried that someone you care about has bulimia, here are 12 red flags to watch for. 

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