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Built On Shifting Sands

Thinking of building on the water?

You can't get much closer to the drink than this. CBS This MorningField Anchor Jose Diaz-Balart and Rob Tobey of United Sculptors of America have put up sand-digs like you've never seen before.

Rob makes a living with his outsized sand sculptures, which are commissioned for state fairs, corporations, events, parties, and promotions of every kind.

He travels all over the country to build his intricate creations, which include not only castles but also monsters, animals, cartoon characters, and corporate logos. The one thing they have in common is size — large.

To Rob's credit are

  • A 1,100-ton agricultural scene for a county fair. It took four carvers five weeks to complete and cost $25,000.
  • A 400-ton "Sandasaurus," the largest sand sculpture ever created inside a mall.

Sand packing is key to great sand sculpting. It also helps to have the right tools, and basic knowledge of engineering principles is helpful. And of course, practice makes perfect.
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