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Senator Elizabeth Warren "open" to breaking up Build Back Better bill to get it "across the finish line"

Warren on future of voting rights,
Warren on future of voting rights, possible primary challenges for Sinema, Manchin 08:16

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren told "CBS Mornings" she is open to breaking up the Build Back Better bill to increase its chances of passing 

"I'm open to whatever is going to get us across the finish line knowing we're not going to get one single Republican to lower the price of prescription drugs, not one to give us universal childcare, not one who's going to say that these corporations that make billions in profits are going to not get away any longer with paying zero in taxes. We've got all those in Build Back Better. We just need to get what we can across the finish line," she said on Tuesday.  

The expanded child tax credit was one of the programs she singled out that needed to be passed. The program which impacted 36 million families expired this month. 

The Senate is also debating a key voting rights bill which is set to resume Tuesday. 

"Voting is foundational. That is the whole premise of our democracy. And before we get to the procedural part, keep this in mind that state legislatures all around the country that are controlled by Republicans are doing everything they can to keep people from voting," Warren said.  

But, Democratic Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin have said they are opposed a change in Senate rules to lowering the 60-vote threshold needed to pass legislation. 

When asked whether Sinema and Manchin should face primary challenges in 2024, Warren said: "We'll address that when we get past this week." 

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