Buffalo Bill's Town

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Friday, May 17, The Early Show begins a very special series. CBS News correspondents travel across the country finding "The Best of America" - vacation spots that are affordable, accessible and best of all, not crowded!

The first trip is out to Wyoming, with National Correspondent Thalia Assuras.

There are several day trips you can take - several loops, as they're called. One of them includes the roadway to Yellowstone. It's called the Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Byway - what Theodore Roosevelt called "the most scenic 50 miles in the world."

There are also several dude ranchers in the area. Generally, people commit themselves to a week on these ranches, where you have to work like a real cowboy. There's a lot of riding, trips into the backcountry and some camping. If you don't want to spend that long with the cowboys and horses, there are day rides available at many locations.

As for the food, buffalo steak is the recommended dish.

For more information, visit the following Web sites:

Buffalo Bill's Yellowstone Country - Also Park County Travel Council - 1 800-393-CODY.

Buffalo Bill Historical Center

Old Trail Town - (307) 587-5302.

Travel & Tourism In Wyoming - 1.800.225-5996.

Shoshone National Forest - (307) 527-6241.

Wyoming State Parks - (307) 777- 6323.

Buffalo Bill State Park