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Bryan Singer target of new sex abuse lawsuit

"X-Men Days of Future Past" director Bryan Singer and writer/producer Gary Goddard are being named in yet another sex abuse lawsuit.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the suit was filed by the same attorney that filed on behalf of Michael Egan and three others this past month, also for sex abuse. The anonymous U.K. citizen alleges that at age 14 he was contacted by Goddard in 2003 via social media which led to "nude webcam sessions" when he was 15.

The suit goes on to claim that at age 15, the plaintiff and Goddard "lay in bed naked together in a London hotel room," and when he was 16 (the age of consent in England), the two had sex.

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Singer is being accused of rape following a Superman after-party in a London hotel room when the plaintiff was 17. It is thought this was in 2006 upon the release of Singer's Superman Returns. According to the suit, upon resisting the director's advances, Goddard brought in a "large, musclebound man" to, according to THR's report, smack the teen around and hold him down "while Singer grabbed him and Goddard, naked on the bed, watched. Singer then allegedly attempted to rape the plaintiff."

Singer's lawyer, Marty Singer, says the new allegations are "totally untrue," saying in a statement: "After the substance of (attorney Jeff Herman's) previous defamatory and fabricated filing in Hawaii was disproved based on unassailable evidence, Mr. Herman's desperation has led him to fabricate these new anonymous accusations against Mr. Singer, which we will also prove to be completely false."

Goddard's lawyer, Alan Grodin, released a similar statement: "It is a shame that the specious claim made by Herman in the Egan case has resulted in this new claim that we note is over 10 years old. For now we will say the claims are denied and Gary will vigorously defend."