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"I just beat death": Brussels survivor finally returns home to U.S.

Brussels bombing survivor's recovery journey back home in U.S.
Brussels bombing survivor's recovery journey back home in U.S. 03:40

For the first time in more than three months, Brussels terror attack victim Sebastien Bellin - who was pictured injured and bleeding on the Brussels airport floor -- is waking up at home in Michigan with his family.

Standing tall, Sebastien Bellin's progress can be measured in feet - six feet nine inches to be exact.

After two weeks at the University of Michigan hospital, he said goodbye to his medical staff, before returning to the place he's been working so hard to get to - home, reports Vladimir Duthiers of CBS News' digital network, CBSN.

Michigan family reunites with victim of Brussels attacks 03:03

It's a process that lasted over three months and included six surgeries and painful physical therapy. His wife, Sara, has been there every step of the way.

"It's wonderful. I'm very, very, very excited to have him here and have his presence back in the house and have him and hear his voice and his big, smiling face," Sara said, laughing.

It's that eternal optimism that he said has helped carry him through to this point, and into the future.

"The positive approach works. I'm convinced it works because I just beat death," Bellin said.

Surviving has taught both Sebastien and his wife to appreciate the little things in life that matter.

"He was almost taken away and so I tried to be grateful for every little moment," Sara said.

"It's being able to read a story to your girls at night, lay on the couch. It's all these things that people take for granted that, you know, were very close to being taken away," Bellin said. "And it's the addition of all these little things that really makes a quality life.

It's still a long road ahead for Sebastien. His doctors said it'll be another two to three months before he's able to walk without assistance. But that's not slowing him down - he plans to resume his duties as tennis coach to his two daughters Friday afternoon.

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