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Browns QB Quinn Welcomes McCain To Political Dawg Pound

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

(STRONGSVILLE, Ohio) John McCain's running mate may be a hockey mom, but the Republican nominee knows what sport is king in Ohio. Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn introduced McCain at a rally here on Wednesday, drawing cheers at least as loud as the candidates received.

"You know, too oftentimes we label people heroes and get caught up in the moment, but tonight we have a real hero amongst us," the former Notre Dame standout Quinn said. "This is a man who endured great adversity."

One smitten woman in the audience shouted, "You're hot!" Quinn, who towered over both McCain and Palin, laughed and then continued his introduction.

"We need heroes like this to inspire us and to remind us that we are the greatest nation," he said. "You know, to me Sen. McCain embodies the American spirit, which is a lifetime of patriotism and service to this country, first in the military and then in the Senate."

Quinn mentioned that his father Tyrone was a Marine who also served in Vietnam.

"No one has endured greater adversity than John McCain as a prisoner of war, but he never quit," Quinn said. "That's a lesson we can all learn from. He did keep the faith. He kept fighting for what he believed in. "