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Brosnan's 'Attraction' To Comedy

Actor Pierce Brosnan has earned legions of fans for his portrayals of smart, suave men, ranging from television's Remington Steele to mystery icon James Bond.

In Brosnan's latest film, "Laws of Attraction," he stars as a high-powered divorce attorney who suddenly finds himself in more than just a professional relationship with his opposing counsel.

Brosnan visited The Early Show to discuss his new romantic comedy, which also stars Julianne Moore.

In "Laws of Attraction," high-powered New York divorce attorneys Daniel Rafferty (Pierce Brosnan) and Audrey Woods (Julianne Moore) are on opposite ends of the personality spectrum. She is a by-the-book professional. He is more willing to fly by the seat of his pants. The one thing they have in common is that they're very good at their job. The divorce attorneys' distaste for each other is evident when the two butt heads defending their clients in the courtroom. But, Audrey and Daniel find themselves married after traveling to Ireland to chase down separate depositions.

The situation is compromising for both as they try to continue fighting each other in a very public case.

Some Facts About Pierce Brosnan

  • Pierce Brosnan was born in Navan, County Meath, Ireland, on May 16, 1953.
  • Brosnan entered show business as a teen runaway, working with the circus as a fire eater.
  • In 1976, Brosnan made his stage debut in a production of "Wait Until Dark."
  • In 1980, Brosnan made his feature film debut in "The Long Good Friday."
  • In 1981, the actor had a role in the ABC production of "The Manions of America."
  • From 1982 to 1987, Brosnan played private investigator Remington Steele on the long-running NBC TV series.
  • In 1987, Brosnan portrayed a Russian agent opposite actor Michael Caine in "The Fourth Protocol"
  • In 1988, the actor starred in "The Deceivers."
  • In 1992, Brosnan had a role playing a scientist in "The Lawnmower Man."
  • In 1993, Brosnan also played the supporting role of Stu, the other man, in the immensely successful comedy "Mrs. Doubtfire."
  • In 1995, Brosnan finally landed the role he coveted, James Bond in the film "Goldeneye."
  • In 1996, Brosnan co-starred in "The Mirror Has Two Faces," and "Mars Attacks"
  • In 1997, he made the volcano thriller "Dante's Peak"
  • In 1998, he starred in the Irish-themed "The Nephew," which he also produced.
  • In 1999, Brosnan starred in and produced "The Match"; he also starred in "The Thomas Crown Affair."
  • In 2000, Brosnan reprised his Bond role in "The World is Not Enough."
  • In 2001, People magazine named Brosnan the Sexiest Man Alive; also in the same year, Brosnan starred in the spy thriller "The Tailor of Panama"
  • In 2002, Brosnan starred in "Evelyn," the true story of a working-class, pub-going, newly single Dublin dad who fights to regain custody of his children after his daughter and two sons are placed in church-run orphanages by the Irish courts in the 1950s.
  • In 2003, the actor starred with Halle Berry in the Bond film "Die Another Day."
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