"Brooklyn Now" - Lyrics by John Forte


(CBS News) Brooklyn native and former Fugees producer John Forte created "Brooklyn Now," the theme song for "Brooklyn DA," and has developed a collection of original works that will be featured throughout the new, six-part documentary series.

"At the very heart of these stories we have triumph, we have adversity, we have joy," Forte says of "Brooklyn DA." "I see life unfolding and us being blessed enough to have a glimpse into these stories on a very personal level."

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"Brooklyn Now"


Brooklyn, sun. The rest is his -

Legion and Livonia, God, 336

Who cleaned the streets with ammonia when it smelled like -

I've been away, but homesick never felt like this

I'd be remiss not to remind you of my actions and where I want the youth to be

I'm ambitious

He said, "Times are vicious when the whole worlds against us!

We told the old heads, but none of them would listen

So we teach ourselves, police ourselves

Learned to do a little business - at least I sell"

Oh, well, can I argue?

I'm just passing back

You've got a life to live, shorty, master that

Just one more to leave on you

What I see in you reminds me of me when I was younger

From your brown skin, your thirst and your hunger

I pray you don't fall like I did and do a number


I hunker down and focus up because I know what's up

The more I learn the more I know that I don't know enough

So I don't recap some mishaps - That's too bizarre

They say narrow is the way, but that's few and far

And what you do today can be your fall tomorrow

Your Q&A could be your coup de grace

Beneath the surface I travel where the earth is

Make no mistake, my birthplace gave me purpose

I'm immersed in that type of thought that tells me life is short

And life for lifers isn't livin' - more like life support

I'm from where writers used cars for their memoirs

An iron chef was a czar with a Gem Star

And a charge was a call when you balled work

Before it meant the judges and the law clerks

The age of innocence preceded sentences

Forever blessed, do remember what the tenet is