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Brooklyn "gas guzzler" caught cutting in line, faces felony for trying to beat the system, say cops

Police officer enforces gas rationing in New York City CBS New York
(CBS) NEW YORK - Think you're special, Mr. Milan Nuss? Police guarding a Brooklyn gas station say, think again.

Police said Nus, 22, was nabbed trying to get around the gas lines resulting from post-storm rationing, by sneaking into a lane reserved for cops and first responders, according to CBS New York.

They say Nus tried to beat the system at a BP station in Sheepshead Bay on Saturday.

According to CBS New York, Nus told an officer on security duty at the gas station that he was a federal agent and flashed a badge, according to police. But the cop reportedly asked a few questions and quickly realized Nus was a fake.

Nus' demeanor was all wrong and the badge looked fake, according to the officer.

So ended his ruse to cut the line and get on the typically shorter one reserved for police officers and first responders.