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Brooklyn Abuzz over Mysterious "Ghost Stroller"

Is it a memorial to a dead child or a macabre art project? Brooklyn's Park Slope has been set abuzz over a mysterious "ghost stroller."

A baby stroller painted white with three plastic flowers in the seat was found chained to a street sign on the corner of Union Street and Sixth Avenue, 1010 WINS' Terry Sheridan reports.

Listen: 1010 WINS' Terry Sheridan reports

But just as covertly as it appeared, it moved a block away to the corner of Berkeley Street and Sixth Avenue.

No one is really sure what the stroller means - is it a memorial or an art project?

Sheridan reports that there have been no recent incidents of children being killed by cars on Sixth Avenue.

"That broke my heart," one man who thinks it's likely a memorial said, "it hits you…you know it's a child, it's a baby."

Others believe it could be merely someone playing a joke.

"It looks like a hoax to me," one woman told Sheridan.

Still others believe the stroller could be a warning to those speeding along Sixth Avenue in their cars.

"I think it's just to get people to visualize they just need to slow down," another man said.

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