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Cops: Video shows Craigslist killer preparing to hold pregnant teen captive

WYOMING, Mich. -- Newly released videos show a murder suspect preparing his Wyoming, Michigan, home before holding a pregnant teen captive and assaulting her for for five days, reports say. The teen was later killed.

Authorities said Brady Oestrike, 31, killed Brooke Slocum, 18, who was eight months pregnant, and her boyfriend Charles Oppenneer, 25, in July 2014.

Wyoming, Mich. police chief James Carmody reportedly called the case “one of the most brutal” he’s ever seen, reports

Brady Oestrike video by MLive on YouTube

“I think it was pure evil from start to finish,” Carmody said, according to the website.

The videos obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request were recorded in the days and hours leading up to the slayings from four surveillance cameras Oestrike set up around his home.

The first video is dated July 5, 2014, the weekend before Oppenneer was killed and Slocum was abducted. The video shows Oestrike hanging ropes from his basement ceiling and holding a whip. He also walks by with a chain and padlock and lays out undergarments.

Brooke Ann Slocum, left, and Charles Gerard Oppenneer, right, were murdered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, along with their unborn child CBS affiliate WWMT

The new video and hundreds of pages in police reports were released last week by Wyoming, Mich. police, reports Police say the videos revealed Slocum was held and tortured for five days before her killing, the website reports. It previously hadn’t been clear how long Oestrike held Slocum captive.

According to Mlive, the police reports say the teen was repeatedly assaulted, tortured and forced to smoke marijuana. The reports say Oestrike videotaped most of his assault on the pregnant teen. Police reports say Oestrike put a chain around the teen’s neck and attached her arms to a pulley system suspending from the ceiling, according to the website. 

The teen was reportedly later strangled to death.

Investigators collected at least 400 items from Oestrike’s home, including firearms, ammunition and knives. They also reportedly uncovered disturbing items including restraints, ropes, sex toys, swords, stun guns, a  “sex slave contract,” along with a number of electronics items and possessions from both victims.

Police also recovered a children’s sippy cup, a baby doll with a noose and children’s cutlery, but didn’t turn up any evidence he had children in the home, the website reports.

Emails indicated that Slocum connected with Oestrike through an ad on the online service Craigslist and arranged a sexual encounter in which Oppenneer would be present, according to investigators.

Chief James Carmody has said that Slocum’s boyfriend, Oppenneer, was found decapitated in a park on July 16. Police reportedly used computer records to identify Oestrike as a suspect.

After police obtained a search warrant to raid Oestrike’s home, he fled the scene and was chased by police. After crashing his car, Oestrike killed himself, authorities said.

Police then found Slocum’s body in Oestrike’s trunk, who police say was strangled that day. Her unborn child did not survive.

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