Britney's Ex-Manager Tries To Stay Mum

Larry Rudolph, the man who helped steer Britney Spears towards stardom, says he's been under self-imposed seclusion ever since his former client's ex-husband started serving subpoenas to people close to the pop star.

Lawyers for Kevin Federline reportedly are building a custody case against Spears over their two young boys.

Rudolph told E! News anchor Ryan Seacrest about his dilemma via BlackBerry messages over the weekend.

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Seacrest said on his morning KISS-FM radio show Monday that Rudolph fears what he would have to say if made to testify "won't be good for Britney."

Rudolph claims he's also been avoiding the tabloids and would not divulge his whereabouts except to say he was in Maui with his children recently.

Meanwhile, Spears was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol for speeding early Sunday morning, according to X-17 online. She was let off with a warning.

Also, the SPCA dropped its investigation into the treatment of one of Spears' dogs after a vet assured authorities that the dog was treated for a mild fracture after someone stepped on the pooch accidentally.