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Britney Asks Her Fans For Ideas

Britney Spears is using her Web site to talk to her fans again, and this time she's asking for help.

In a post titled "You'll Never See it My Way, Because You're Not Me" Spears asks "her most die-hard fans" for some assistance to name her upcoming album.

Spears offers her fans a choice from one of five titles, some of which poke fun at the endless speculation about the personal lives of the pop star and her celebrity friends:

  1. OMG is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like?
  2. What if the Joke is on You?
  3. Down boy
  4. Integrity
  5. Dignity
But, you can only vote if you're a member of her fan club – and that costs about $25 a year.

In February, singer-songwriter Ne-Yo talked to The Showbuzz about his work on Spears' upcoming album.

He said that the sound of won't deviate too far from what we've heard from her in the past.

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"She's trying to cross a few lines, she's got some stuff that's kinda R&B-ish, some stuff that's very pop-ish, some stuff that's almost a little electronica sounding," he said. "I think, judging just off the music that I've heard — because I've heard some of the other stuff she's done with other producers — I think that she might have a shot at coming back. If she can just get her personal life out of the way, I think she has a shot at coming back."

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He's confident that Spears' future will be bright. "I think that once people remember what it is that made them love Britney in the first place, that everything will be alright," he says.

Songwriter and producer Sean Garrett also worked on Spears' album.

"Her album's going to be incredible," Garrett told The Showbuzz in December. "I am really excited. She's been very happy-go-lucky in the studio. Her mindset is great — she seems very focused."

Garrett said that he made sure to give her some tracks that are "going to be talked about. Exciting, aggressive, fun. We're definitely getting back to the basics with her. We're trying to make the world dance and sing to her beat."
By Judy Faber

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