Lightning strikes twice for British lottery-winning couple

A man and his wife are celebrating another incredible stroke of luck after winning nearly $1.5 million in the lottery for the second time in less than two years, reports CBS News correspondent Charlie D'Agata.

Dave and Kathleen Long may be the luckiest couple in Britain right now.

"I giggled a bit. I went 'Hey, have a look at this,'" Dave recalled saying to his wife. "She just checked it and looked at it and got the iPad out and checked it on the iPad, even though it was there on the big screen, and then she even put her glasses on and she went up to the television to check it again, and she said, 'You've done it again, haven't you?'"

But the winnings haven't completely changed things for the Longs. Dave quit his job as a truck driver, Kathleen went on a couple vacations, but they still live in their modest home.

They also got married after a 12-year engagement.

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power's head of communication Rory Scott put the double win in perspective.

"If you asked the odds of the world ending at any given minute tomorrow, it'd be about the same odds," he said. "It about the same odds of Elvis Presley playing a gig on the moon next week. I mean it is ridiculously long."

It sent Britain's tabloids into a tizzy.

"Won twice and they still live in a caravan!" one read.

"More chance of seeing Elvis at the supermarket!' read The Sun.

Kathleen said a getaway together might be nice.

"Dave don't like flying, so we going to go on a cruise hopefully, this time," Kathleen said. "We said we was going to do that last time but it's never happened. So he's said he's going to do it this time."

Just like last time, they intend to give some of the money away to charity. When asked why he kept playing after his first big win, Dave said he just knew it would be his turn again someday. And he said he's going to keep on playing.