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Bristol Palin talks single parent struggles


Bristol Palin was on the New York red carpet Tuesday nght  to  celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Candies Foundation, which employs . Palin as an  advocate against teen pregnancy.

Palin  refused to answer  any questions  that were not related to her campaign  against  teen pregnancy. But she  did tell  about some of the challenges she claims to have faced as a young single parent.

"Well, Tripp was born into a one-parent home...a  single-parent home... and it's difficult for him," Palin said of her two-and-a-half-year-old son. "You know, I don't have a college education yet. I don't have a steady job. And it's difficult for all teen moms, no matter what they're background is," she added.

The 20-year-old has come under fire for the more than $260,000 that  the Candies Foundation paid her in 2009. The organization has said that the payment was well worth it for her anti-teen pregnancy efforts.

Watch the interview with Bristol Palin at the top of this page to see her speak about teen pregnancy and whether or not she enjoys living in Arizona.

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