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Bringing It Up Again: Obama And Cigarettes

In tonight's Web-only Inauguration wrap-up, Katie Couric mentioned a question she asked President Barack Obama in COURIC: You don't really think of this job as working at home, do you, necessarily (laughter). But speaking of stress, what's going on with the smoking thing? PRES. OBAMA: You know, we're doing fine with it. I know everybody likes to poke, you know. I haven't had an interview yet where this one doesn't get raised. COURIC: Well, I think people just wanna know how it's going. And I think – they feel for you. PRES. OBAMA: Yeah, we're doing fine. I'll do better if people don't keep on bringing it up (laughter).So Couric asked's Mike Allen if he could read anything between the lines of Mr. Obama's answer, such as, that he still is wrestling with the habit. Allen concurred that it's possible, but suggested that perhaps we might all go a bit easier on the new president. After all, he spent an altogether frantic day looking completely cool, poised and collected."If you look at the way President Obama has handled himself and the way he's been portrayed, I'm happy he has a few faults, weaknesses," Allen laughed. "That shirtless photo op sure gives guys a lot to worry about. I'm happy he has a few hidden habits like that." Plus, Couric said: "You also do have to appreciate that the guy's under a lot of pressure."Allen added a zinger: "If he wants to get in his Audi* and have a cigarette, he ought to be able to."

*Shameless, tongue-in-cheek sponsor plug. Um, thanks, Audi.

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