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Bright Ideas for Your Walls

Are you looking to give your home a bright, modern look?

Danny Lipford, The Early Show contributor and host of "Today's Homeowner," offers some simple, cost-saving ideas to change the look of your rooms.

Perfect for do-it-yourselfers across the country, the following items require only a little elbow grease and a bit of imagination:

Color Samples
Price: $3.49
Available at:

These sample jars of paint contain just enough paint to apply two coats to a 2-x-2 foot area on your wall, which is the best and preferred way to determine if a color works well with the color scheme, lighting and texture in your room. These small samples are more economical and less wasteful than purchasing a quart or gallon of paint.
Benjamin Moore Paints Color Samples

Peel 'n Stick
Glidden Color at Home Peel & Stick Paint Samples
Price: $2.99 per palette with a $2.00 rebate on Glidden paint purchase
Available at:

These large paint samples are self-adhesive to help you coordinate colors for the walls, accents and trim in your home. Featuring a no-mess test, they can be placed on the wall, removed and re-stuck elsewhere. They are available in six color palettes (10 colors in each palette) to help you choose the right combination for your room.

"Frames" Wallpaper
Graham & Brown
Price: $19.99
Available at:

Now you can literally hang your children's artwork on the wall. This new wallpaper has frames for your children to let their imaginations run wild. They can create artwork within each frame for a custom-designed look. As an added bonus, the wallpaper is washable for general cleaning (fingerprints, etc.). However, it is permanent when you write or paint on it.

PaperIllusion Wallpaper
PaperIllusion by Village
Price: $30/box (85 sq. ft.)
Available at:

This is a wallpaper that anyone can adhere to their walls. If you can tear paper, you can create a faux marble finish on your walls with this paper. This wallpaper is meant to be torn in random shapes. Simply dip the torn pieces in water and adhere to your wall, letting your imagination guide you. Smooth the wallpaper down and continue working, making sure to overlap your edges.

Wallpaper Cutouts
Wallies Wallpaper Cutouts
Price: $9.99 cutouts (25 pieces) - $19.99 murals
Available at:

If the walls in your home are already painted but you want to add a little oomph, check out wallpaper cutouts. Available in more than 200 packaged designs, this pre-pasted wallpaper is available in cutouts, borders and murals. Just wet the back with a sponge or dip in water and stick to the wall. Create instant art in just moments. As an added bonus, this wallpaper can be stripped off by wetting it again.

MirrEdge Enhancement System
Price: Under $39.99 for a 63" x 63" mirror
Available at:

Anyone can make over an ordinary mirror in minutes with this new edging product. It's a great project for DIYers since all you need is a utility knife and a tape measure. Simply size, score and snap the material. You don't even have to worry about cutting the strips perfectly straight since the corner plates will cover the edges. The system is available in acrylic and four woodgrain finishes with matching corner and seam plates.

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