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Bride arrested for extortion in Mexico, handcuffed in her wedding dress

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A bride was arrested on her wedding day in Mexico, authorities announced Friday, accused in an extortion scheme that included her would-be husband and six other suspects.

The woman, identified only as Nancy N. by Mexico state prosecutors, was arrested last month in a joint operation as she was preparing to marry her spouse, another extortion suspect identified as Clemente N. However, authorities were unable to apprehend the groom — who goes by the alias "Mouse."

The couple was part of a group accused of extorting chicken merchants in Toluca near Mexico City and suspected of kidnapping four workers from a poultry shop in Toluca, authorities said.

The Mexico state prosecutor's office posted an image showing Nancy N in handcuffs, still wearing her wedding dress. Mexico State Attorney General's Office

One of the eight suspects arrested, identified as Santiago N., was accused of "driving an Explorer-type truck" to transport the kidnapped victims.

The prosecutor's office posted photos of the suspects in involved in the extortion scheme as well as a video montage showing Nancy N in handcuffs, still wearing her wedding dress, as well as photos of alleged evidence.

The suspects allegedly have ties to the La Familia Michoacana drug cartel, the prosecutor's office said. Earlier this month, the same cartel was blamed for a drone attack in the southern state of Guerrero  that left at least six people dead.

Misael N, who goes by the alias "Chicken," allegedly "controlled extortion activities" in the region, while Nabor N was identified by authorities as a "main hoarder and controller of the chicken and egg trade."

Authorities say that rival gangs have been fighting for extortion control in the region. They say the dispute ramped up last July when human remains and warning notes were recovered in Toluca. The prosecutor's office subsequently arrested 11 members of a criminal gang known as "ElPecha."

In 2023, the Mexico state prosecutor's office reported a decrease of 3.44% in extortion, compared to the previous year. Specifically, the efforts to crack down on extortion of poultry and egg businesses has resulted in losses of about $47 million for criminal groups, authorities said.

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