Brett Favre Scandal: "I'm Handling This Through Faith," Says Wife Deanna Favre

Gawker sports blog Deadspin is reporting that they have received what they consider to be audio and photographic proof that Vikings Quarterback Brett Favre sent naked pictures to Jenn Sterger, a sports reporter who was employed by the New York Jets when Favre played there. The allegations first surfaced in a Deadspin post in August.
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Brett Favre Scandal: "I'm Handling This Through Faith," Says Wife Deanna Favre
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NEW YORK (CBS/AP) Deanna Favre says her faith in God is helping her deal with allegations that her husband, star NFL quarterback Brett Favre, sent suggestive voicemails and x-rated photos to sports reporter Jenn Sterger.

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The Minnesota Vikings quarterback's wife was interviewed on ABC's "Good Morning America" on Thursday about a book she co-authored called "The Cure for the Chronic Life," which is about getting through hard times and patterns of unhealthy behavior.

During the interview, Deanna was asked how she's handling the accusations against her husband, who is being investigated by the NFL for allegedly sending suggestive messages to a woman who worked for the New York Jets while he was on the team.

"I'm handling this through faith," Deanna Favre answered. "You have to not let this struggle define you. You have to define your struggle and use it in a good way."

During the interview, she did not address whether the allegations against her husband were true or false.

Brett Favre met with an NFL security official last week regarding the allegations that he sent lewd pictures and racy messages to Sterger in 2008 and has reportedly admitted to leaving voicemails to Sterger, but not the x-rated photos.