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Brett Favre Scandal: Admits Jenn Sterger Voicemails, Denies X-Rated Pictures, Says Report

Brett Favre Scandal: Admits Jenn Sterger Voicemails, Denies X-Rated Pictures
Jenn Sterger (Personal Photo) Personal Photo

NEW YORK (CBS) Star NFL quarterback Brett Favre has reportedly admitted to the NFL what many had already suspected: It was his voice on racy messages left for Jenn Sterger in 2008 - but the quarterback denied sending graphic photos.

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The report came from FOX Sports' Correspondent Jay Glazer, who didn't name his source and said the league isn't commenting.

Earlier this month, Gawker sports blog DeadSpin reported that Favre invited the sideline reporter to his hotel via those voicemails when both were with the New York Jets.

"I'm going back to the hotel and just, just chill...Love to have you come over tonight," one voicemail said.

Deadspin also reported that lewd x-rated photos were sent to Sterger from the same phone as the voicemails.

Favre, who is married with two children, has denied sending those photos.

According to CBS News' "The Early Show," Sterger's legal team is still deciding whether to talk to the NFL.

If she decides not to cooperate, there would likely be no discipline for Favre, CBS Correspondent Jeff Glor says. If she does cooperate with the NFL, Favre could face disciplinary action - a fine or suspension.

Of course, there's more at stake for the future Hall of Famer. Favre makes an estimated $7 million to $9 million dollars on endorsements.

Sunday night's was Favre's 290th consecutive game - by far the longest streak in NFL history. If the league finds that he is behind those photos, that streak could wind up being broken - by suspension.

There are reports that Favre and Sterger are negotiating a cash settlement.


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