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Brees: Star On and Off Football Field

Drew Brees is a star quarterback both on the field and off. He has become the savior of New Orleans Saints fans for taking his team to the Super Bowl, and he is equally loved for his charity work in the community after Hurricane Katrina.

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CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric recently caught up with Drew and his wife Brittany to talk about his impact on the Crescent City.

Walking with Drew and his wife Brittany, Couric asked Drew about his decision to move into the city of New Orleans instead of the suburbs. The move, Couric said, was symbolic, but what made them decide to actually move there?

Drew replied, "When Brittany and I think of New Orleans, we think of this uptown garden neighborhood. This is the heart of New Orleans: the street cars going by, the old homes, the history, the culture."

College sweethearts Drew and Brittany Brees have fallen in love with New Orleans since moving there in 2006, and Couric noted, the city is loving them right back.

"Drew is so worshipped in this town," said Couric. "I understand that people wear shirts that say 'Breesus'?"

"How do you keep him from thinking that he walks on water?" Couric asked Brittany.

Brittany responded, "It's not hard to do. I mean, when Drew comes in after a long day, he comes home, and he's a dad. He's a husband. Being a parent, you get no sleep, and you're getting up in the middle of the night with the baby. And, I couldn't even complain. He was up before I was. He was up before the baby, and then he was going to sleep before we did."

"A lot of women watching this are going to look at their husbands and ask if you're kidding," Couric remarked.

Couric turned to Drew, "You must have some fault though. Give me a few -- even one."

When Drew struggled for an answer, Brittany said, "You know, he can really compartmentalize things, which is wonderful. In his life, it's just a gift. But, he can also do that with (me) when we're sitting there watching TV -- I'm talking to him for about 15 minutes, and then I realize that he hasn't heard anything that I've said."

"I was kind of off in my own little world," Drew said, smiling.

What was he thinking about?

"Football," Brittany said.

Drew is idolized as a football player, but win or lose Sunday, New Orleans has found a savior in him. The Brees Dream Foundation has raised almost $2 million to rebuild schools, parks and playgrounds in New Orleans, including the Lusher Charter School. He personally donated almost $40,000 to build the student athletes a weight room and often can be seen giving students tips and pointers on training techniques.

He even gave Couric a few tips on proper squat technique, showing her how to put her weight on her heels.

"You don't want your knees going past your toes," he said, demonstrating. "And then you kind of just sit back."

He also showed Couric how to do the Saints' famous call to arms, "Who Dat?"

"That's really a fan (thing). That's our chant you know, from the fans," he said. "And it's 'Who dat?'"

Couric responded, "You do it too sometimes on the field. Don't you?"

He replied, "We do it to get the fans hyped up. So it's 'Who dat? Who dat? Who dat gonna beat dem der Saints.'"

"You know, it's been around here forever," he continued. "And you know and when we first got to town it was kinda like 'What are they saying?' What's this 'Who dat,' you know? You could be anywhere in the world and somebody yells 'Who dat' and everyone from Louisiana is gonna turn around and say, 'I got you.'"

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