Breathe In: America's Most Polluted Cities 2010

polluted, pollution, generic, dirty, sky, 4x3
polluted, pollution, generic, dirty, sky, 4x3

(CBS) The American Lung Association reports that more than 175 million people - roughly 58 percent of Americans - live with dangerous levels of air pollution.

That's bad news for people with asthma, lung infections, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Too much particular matter and ozone in the air can aggravate their conditions. And America's poorest citizens often live in the most dangerous zones.

The news isn't all bad. Air quality has improved in many American cities, but too many cities still have unhealthy and illegal levels of pollution.

So, who's got the worst air in America? The American Lung Association shared their bottom ten with CBS News.

Read on to find out if your town is on the list...