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Breaking News On Larry Craig! (Kind Of)

So this morning brings another chapter in odd-bird story of Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho).

His spokesman Dan Whiting told the Associated Press, and later Politico, that Craig is "likely" to resign Sept. 30, despite the flood of new stories in the last 24 hours indicating that the three-term senator planned to fight for his seat.

"The most likely scenario, by far, is that by October there will be a new senator from Idaho," Whiting said.

Oh, but he's still holding onto the possibility of staying in office -- if he can overturn his conviction for disorderly conduct in a men's room at the Minneapolis airport and gain back his leadership posts on Senate committees. Both are unlikely, Whiting conceded.

This nugget, which seemed to signal yet another cryptic twist in Craig's statements following his announcement Saturday of his "intent" to resign, ended up as a "alert" on the AP wire. The cable news networks pounced -- and it was breaking news!

Or was it?

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