"Breaking Bad" finale teaser foreshadows dark times ahead

Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and Walter White (Bryan Cranston) of "Breaking Bad."

Walter White is getting poetic in the newly-released teaser trailer for the final eight episodes of "Breaking Bad."

Set to a montage of familiar images and landscapes from the AMC series, Bryan Cranston (who plays White) is heard in voice-over reading an 1818 poem by Percy Bysshe Shelly (husband of "Frankenstein" author Mary Shelly) called "Ozymandias," one of the most celebrated sonnets in English literature.

The famed sonnet is based on the story of the 13th-century B.C. Egyptian ruler Ozymandias, better known as Ramesses II. He was born as a commoner and became the ruler of Egypt at just 15. Ramesses II was an impulsive and overly confident leader, traits White also sometimes suffers from as the head of a massive meth operation.

After Ramesses II died, his kingdom could not sustain itself and eventually came to an end. This might parallel what becomes of Whites' empire.

The final half of "Breaking Bad" season 5 kicks off Aug. 11 on AMC.

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