BREAKING: Albuquerque Police Arrest Woman Believed To Be Mother Of Boy Found Buried In Sand

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (CBS/AP) Police have arrested a woman they believe is the mother of a dead child found buried beneath an Albuquerque playground last Friday.

Tiffany Toribio, according to Police Chief Ray Schultz, is a transient woman who has a 3-year-old son and who sometimes stayed at a home several blocks from Alvarado Park, where the unidentified boy's body was found.

Family members told police Toribio's son, who was usually in her company, has not been seen since May 12 and she was last seen in northeast Albuquerque on May 13, the same day police believe the unidentified boy may have been buried underneath a play structure at Alvarado Park.

The boy who was buried in the park has yet to be identified, but police said Toribio's family members believe it may be her son.

Toribio is a member of Zia Pueblo, located northwest of Albuquerque. She is 5-foot-1, 120 pounds and has long straight black hair. She may wear glasses, Schultz said.

Schultz declined to release the name of Toribio's son.

Investigators received tips about Toribio from family members and others after they released an artist's rendering of the unidentified boy Tuesday.

Schultz said police compared a photo of Toribio's son and the image of the unidentified boy.

"There's enough similarities that they called us and there's enough similarities that we would want to make sure Tiffany's safe," Schultz said.

The unidentified boy, called "Baby Angel" by neighbors, was found Friday by a mother who was at the park with her two children and saw his tennis shoe sticking out of the sand.

The 38-pound boy was wearing a red shirt with the image of a four-wheel drive truck on the front, black nylon pants with red stripes and black tennis shoes. He had short straight black hair and was 3-feet-2 inches tall. He was Hispanic or American Indian.

Schultz say investigators continue following up on the more than 100 tips received about the unidentified boy.