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Brazilian Jet With 140+ Aboard Missing

A Gol airlines jet with 140 or more people aboard was missing Friday over the Brazilian Amazon after colliding with a smaller executive jet, Brazilian aviation authorities said.

Wladamir Caze, spokesman for the Brazilian aviation authority, said Gol flight 1907 left the jungle city of Manaus and disappeared after a collision. It had been scheduled to land in Brasilia before heading to Rio de Janeiro's Antonio Tom Jobim International Airport.

Brazilian airport authority Infraero President Jose Carlos Pereira said the air force was searching for the jet in a densely forested region.

The Gol jet reportedly struck a Brazilian-made Legacy aircraft near the Serra do Cachimbo, region in Para state. The Legacy managed to land in Serra do Cachimbo.

Pereira said in a radio interview to CBN that a local farmer reported seeing a large plane flying low.

Gol airlines is one of Brazil's top domestic carriers.

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