"Brawl at the Mall" in South Florida believed triggered by social media post, police say

Police respond to the Lauderhill Mall in Lauderhill, Fla. after more than 100 students reportedly congregated and a fight broke out.
CBS Miami
(CBS) LAUDERHILL, Fla. - Police believe a social media post attracted at least 200 teenagers to the Lauderhill Mall in South Florida Tuesday afternoon to take part in a melee, CBS Miami reported.

Police responded with a SWAT team and the Broward Sheriff's Office and several other police agencies also assisted. K-92s and heavy artillery were on full display as the crowd dispersed.

In cellphone video obtained by the station, a group of teens can be seen gathering near the mall entrance. As the crowd pushed inside, someone used a large traffic cone to hit someone.

Inside, teens squared off to fight while a security officer walked by. The video shows teens running and screaming.

By the end of the video at least one person appeared to be placed in handcuffs but police say no one was arrested and no charges are expected.

Witnesses said the trouble began at a park across from the mall, spilled into the mall parking lot, and then inside. According to police, it all started with a message on Facebook or Twitter about something going down at the Lauderhill Mall.

"I just heard that anybody that had a beef with each other is supposed to come over here and fight," witness Frank Francis told CBS Miami.

Police tell us that one teen suffered a minor injury and it does not appear that any weapons were used in the brawl.