"Brave" reviews are in: What do critics think?

A scene from the new animated film "Brave"
Pixar/AP Images
A still image from Pixar animated film "Brave"
Pixar/AP Images

(CBS News) The latest Pixar film, which comes out Friday, has a "Brave" princess as the leading lady.

The reviews are in for the animated film, which stars Merida, a fearless princess, voiced by Kelly McDonald. This is the first time a Pixar production has featured a female lead character.

Pictures: "Brave" premiere

The movie, which is set in Scotland, centers around Merida, who defies her mother's wish to get married, and through her actions, accidentally causes chaos in the kingdom.

The film, directed by Mark Andrews, has scored a high 70 percent "Fresh" rating from critics on Rottentomatoes.com.

Here's what some of them had to say:

"Youngsters with a taste for adventure will no doubt overlook the movie's workmanlike outlines and applaud its spirited, self-reliant heroine, who proves to be as appealingly unruly as her tumble of Titian curls," explains Ann Hornaday, Washington Post.

"The Pixar name used to mean something. And it never quite meant pleasantly safe, safely forgettable movies like this," writes Stephen Whitty of the Newark Star-Ledger.

"It's a lively, psychologically astute tale filled with humanity, wit and charming performances," writes Claudia Puig of USA Today.

"This Celtic-themed story hews so closely to classic fairy-tale tropes, it's the studio's most Disney-fied production yet," notes Sara Stewart, New York Post.

"'Brave' isn't a bull's-eye, but it's close enough," writes Tom Long of the Detroit News.

"Leave the kindergarteners at home, and take your tween daughter to this one, if she is willing to be seen in public with you," explains Willie Waffle of wafflemovies.com.

"Brave" is easy to like but hard to love, a feel-good fable with the latest bells and whistles," Joe Williams of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch writes.

Let us know: Will you go and see "Brave" this weekend?