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Brandy: "Music Is My Life"

Grammy award-winning singer Brandy is back on the scene after a tough couple of years.

Despite the hard times, she has just released her first album in four years called "Human" -- a fitting title to how far she has come as a person.

She stopped by The Early Show to talk about her return with Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez and perform songs from her new CD.

"I am happy to be back doing what I love to do. This is so exciting," Brandy said.

The last two years were especially trying for the singer. Almost two years ago to the day, Brandy was involved in an accident that killed a young mother.

She was so devastated, she didn't leave the house for three months.

"It was a very, very hard time for me," she admitted. "But music pretty much saved the day and just family and friends supported me. And that's why I'm back with this album to celebrate what it means to be a human being. And you know, having a life with purpose and meaning, you know?"

Being a mother herself, she could really relate to this mother, who left behind two children, a husband and parents.

"If you could talk to them, what could you say to them?" Rodriguez asked.

"I think that's a private matter and I've written in my journal about it, everything that I would want to say and just not to that family but everybody involved. I would just rather keep that to myself, if you don't mind," Brandy said.

"Of course I don't mind. I completely understand," Rodriguez replied.

It is still tough for Brandy to talk about the tragedy, but she says she has learned a lot and has tried to use her music as an outlet.

"Like I said before, it's just diving back to my music and just my family and friends being there to support me. And just understanding that moving on, I have to have everything in my life mean something, purpose and inspiration. And I just want to be an inspiration to other people," she said.

Brandy thought it was best to keep the tragic incident from her young daughter.

"Well, she doesn't read the news and she doesn't (read) the newspaper and she doesn't look at the news. So I just tried to stay strong for her, because I didn't want her to see me as down as I really was, you know?" she said.

Brandy's new album "Human" is a reflection of her journey.

"It celebrates my life as a human being. And all of us at the end of the day, that's who we are," she said. "This album reflects my insecurities struggles, my ups and downs. But at the same time, it reflects also my triumphs and who I am as a woman and what I've grown to be."

Through her music, she has been able to be herself again.

"Music is my life. It is really the only thing I know how to do," she said.

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